7 Different Types of Makeup Foundation

7 Different Types of Makeup Foundation

Many times it has happened to us that we buy the wrong makeup base, and I don’t mean just because the colour does not match but also because the effect that creates us is “muddy,” “flaky” or “breaded.” 

For a beautiful application, it is important to know what type of skin type you are and pick the type of foundation that will work on your skin type. 5 most common skin type are: normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Once we identify the type of skin, we can determine what kind of foundation suits your skin.

Tinted moisturizer: 

It has a liquid consistency and very soft to the touch; it gives you minimal coverage. For normal to dry skin, without marks or spots. Ideal for the natural style. If you are one of those who just want to match the skin tone without looking for makeup, dyes are ideal for you. Commonly, it is in a thin tube.


Its consistency is liquid, and it feels a little denser than dyes. It provides minimum coverage. Normal to mixed skin. They can be found free of oils for oily skin and water-based for dry skin. This can be an ideal product to go out and wear it at night. You can usually find this type of base in bottles with a dispenser or with a small nozzle.


It provides medium coverage. Often the bars are a little oily, ideal for those skins that need to keep moisturizing. The display is like a very thick lipstick.


Medium to total coverage. For dry or scaly skin. These are very common, and many times we make the mistake of buying them for ignoring our skin type. You can find them in a presentation with a mirror and sponge; it is like a specific cream. If your skin looks greyish, dull, and even with scales, you can use this type of product. You’re going to love it in addition to covering very well spots, slight redness, and dark circles.


It is for oily skin. Not many brands use this type of base since, for oily skin, they have created cream with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that helps to close pores without irritating the skin and reduce oiliness. However, powders are an excellent option to maintain a nuanced complexion. But you have to be especially careful when using them and keep track of appointments with the dermatologist.

cream powder:

It can be used dry or with a damp sponge for a better application. For normal to dry skin. It is used in theaters to prevent faces from shining under the reflector lights. It is very comfortable since, in a single product, there are two benefits, base, and sealant. The coverage is medium to the total.


They can be used with water or with alcohol; both are of high durability. They are a wonder that they are for all skins, ideal for special events such as brides. Airbrush makeup is mainly used for HD television and digital photography. A makeup professional must use it, although you can buy your own airbrush, take the training and create a perfect makeup every day. You can apply it as a makeup base to blush and shadows; it depends on the experience you acquire, although it is still a bit expensive.

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