8 Beauty tips to say goodbye to skin problems

8 Beauty tips to say goodbye to skin problems

Everyone wants to have flawless skin without acne and spots, and for that, you must take care of it. We usually try every new product that goes on the market without appreciating any results. However, with these beauty secrets, you will make great progress in eliminating all those skin problems. Remember that it is not a miracle that happens overnight. Build the Perfect Routine and must stick to it.

1- Do not use scrubs

By exfoliating the skin, you damage it, and it becomes rough. Also, its effects are quite doubtful and get you to use them more and more. To perform a skin peel, opt for those that contain acids such as glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, or carbolic acid (phenol). I highly recommend to checkout the brand, “The Ordinary”, they are super affordable yet effective.

2- Do not tan much

The sun damages your skin, and long exposure to the sun increases the chances of skin cancer. Therefore, you must protect your skin from the sun throughout the year. If you want your skin to look brown, use a bronzer.

3- Perform a daily routine 

If you want to take care of your skin, you must perform three steps daily:

Cleaning: remove makeup with micellar water and then clean your face with a cleansing lotion.

Toning: uses acid tonics to improve skin complexion and texture and clean pores.

Hydration: choose the cream according to the type of skin. It will provide moisture and nutrition.

4- Always use sunscreen

Remember to apply sunscreen every day, as time passes now, creams containing SPF protects the skin and prevent stains from coming out because of the sun.

5- Ally with aspirin

Aspirin can work like miracles when it comes to removing ingrown hairs. Salicylic acid helps exfoliate the upper layer of skin, releasing any hair that was trapped under the skin. Smash 3 or 4 aspirins, mix with water and apply the paste on the face until it dries. Finally, rinse the skin thoroughly with water.

6- Do not wash your skin with soap

When you wash your face with soap, the skin dries, and the protective layer deteriorates, producing acne. To do this, opt for soft foams or cleansing lotions.

7- Do not take too much care of your problematic skin

The more products you apply to your skin, the worse it will be. If your problems are minor, look for a good mask and follow the instructions. If you have more severe issues, such as acne, consult a dermatologist before applying any treatment. The more you wait, it will get worse.

8- Do not turn your fridge into a pantry of remedies

The natural remedies are exceptional, but sometimes they are useless. There is a big difference between applying sour cream on the face and using a cream with lactic acid.

Did you know that these beauty tricks helped improve your skin? Do you know any other? Tell us in the comments!

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