Favs looks from November

Favs looks from November


charlene 1

Charlene’s fans club & birthday party event!

My fav outfit from last Nov on Charlene, will definitely be the Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2014 Collection for Moschino!! The design is inspired by Coco Chanel’s suits, the coloured denim and chains makes the outfit young, playful and badass!

Outfit break down:
Moschino/ 2014 Fall Collection by Jeremy Scott – Denim suit and skirt


Elliatt-Impluse from The Collectives Showroom (Central, HK) – Crop top


Amelie Street – Rings



Charlene for Joyrich Xmas Kick off Event 



charlene outfit 1

Second favourite look break down, wearing :

Joyrich – Band crew crop top


Joyrich – Hill comic high waist skirt


A/W Adidas x Jeremy Scott – Streetball Platform boots trainers!

(Saw these trainers selling at I.T Hysan, Causeway Bay)

Fab Accessories from Amelie Street – Red lips ring


Styling assisted by me for Yann.P




And seriously, I just want to say I still get really nervous when I see Charlene cause who didn’t listened and watched Twins? Not only were they my teenage idols, they represented my friendship between my best friends 🙂 They were the trend settlers, we followed their hairstyles, their clothing, sang their songs and watched their movies. I remember meeting one of my best friend at the canteen back in high school, she was quite anti-social and all she did during lunch time was sketching Twins’ – 千機變 poster lol….

Charlene once said she hopes, Twins will never disband and can still perform together as Twins even when they are 40, 50 or 60 years old.

OK, so I’ve decided to msg all my best friends tomorrow hahaha I miss you guys 🙁



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