The Great Gatsby!

The Great Gatsby!

Abandoned my blog for 2 months or so…seriously, it’s so hard for someone like me who hates writing and words to blog haha but I do want blogging to become my habit. So last month, I got a chance to work with Jeana Ho for an event she was attending – Watson’s Health, Beauty and Wellness awards. And, the dress code was Great Gatsby!! Me and Yann were quite happy that we can finally do a Great Gatsby look !! We love Great Gatsby, where accessories are never too much! Just accessorise her to the max, pearls, blings, rings ring rings rings and head piece <3126626506__413114b Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.59.37 pm Obviously, we had to tune down Jeana’s look for the event but it was still heaps fun. The nude lace dress was from Bleu Bridal – https://www.bleubridal.hk/ It’s actually a dark nude colour in real life, so we were actually worried that it may look too dull and dark but once it is worn, it looks super beautiful. The dress beneath the lace is made with a glossy silk material that can reflect light which gave it an amazing shine under cameras and spotlights.

During my hunt for vintage dresses and accessories, I found so many beautiful boutiques and this awesome vintage shop.

Mrs Vintage – https://www.mrs-vintage.com/index/ has a range of vintage goodies from the 20s-90s. With a price range from a few hundred HKD to probably 10-20K! They have vintage Chanel bags from the 90s, even Rayban and obviously a range of jewellery. They also have vintage bridal dresses. It’s great! & Mrs Vintage is heaps helpful! blog

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