Makeover for Aliena

Makeover for Aliena

Her face condition: Combination skin, heavy hooded eyelids & dull complexion


Foundation: Prepped and hydrated her skin with toner & moisturiser. Also, brightened her skin tone with a colour corrector before foundation application. Green colour corrector for her pimples & blemishes and a peach colour corrector for her dull skin complexion.

Eyes: Cool brown tone eyeshadow to cover her whole eyelids, I then, highlighted the inner and outer corner of her eyes with a bright orange eyeshadow that will visually open up her eyes. For eyelashes, I’ve picked ones that were not too long but with more curve to visually lift her eyes.

Blush: Warmed up her face with a nice orange blush that goes well with her eyeshadow.

Lips: Aliena does not suit pink colours, I also wanted her to look more modern and chic so I’ve picked a warm amber/brown tone lip colour for her that goes very well with the orange blush and eyeshadow.

Polka dots for everyday wear

Many ladies might feel a bit puzzled to include polka dots into their outfits because at first, it might look quite hard to match this pattern with your modern outfit. Here I’ll tell you how I created this trendy and wearable look for the all-time favourite polka dot trends.

The key to looking ladylike and trendy is finding the right fit and items. For Aliena, I’ve chosen the classic black & white polka dot dress. The sizes and placement of the dots will determine the style too, for this instance, this dress has perfectly lined dots that are all in the same sizes which gives you a very polished look. To make this dress wearable for everyday wear, I’ve matched it with a black tee underneath and popped up the total look with a stylish cap. Instead of going for heels, which will make the look more ladylike yet vintage I’ve opted for a pair of black boots and makes the whole look more fun.

As seen on the runway!

This year’s polka dots are more versatile but the classic black and white polka dots are still the one of the favourites, as seen on the runways. Match a sleek polka dot dress with a black tee for a everyday fun look. Pair it with a stylish red cap, not only is the red cap used as a stylish accessory but the colour actually brightens Aliena’s whole skin tone as well!

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