Pear Shape Ladies!

Pear Shape Ladies!

I’ve been researching online about body shapes and I’ve found that most articles used Hollywood stars as examples. As a petite Chinese, my body can barely be relatable to those celebrities and I was not able to find any articles that use Asian celebrities as examples in English, so here is mine!

The most common body shape I will like to share first is the PEAR SHAPE. If your lower body is wider than your upper body and you have a smaller waist, that’s you! Your goal when picking outfits is to hide your bust & thighs but remember to show off your small waist!


So first up we can have a look at FAN BINGBING, she’s a slim pear but with the wrong outfit choices she can also look m-a-s-s-i-v-e, well not actually massive but you know bigger.

IT’S A NO// Long dresses are not necessarily a good choice when there are so many things going on around the bust area, making it look even wider. I could barely see her waistline as well in the fountain of fabric.



IT’S A YES// By picking a dress that’s a lot more simple makes a big difference, it clearly outlines her curves. A neat A-line mid-length skirts are a good choice too! If follow her you’ll notice that she loves this type of skirt!


NO:( Sorry, skinny jeans are not for Pear girls, it will emphasise your thick thighs and heavy bust.


IT’S A YES// For pants, she looks awesome in high waist wide-hemmed and structured pants. Remember to pair it with high heels or platforms so your legs will look even longer.


Fan Bingbing is quite slim so wearing skinny jeans is not as obvious, but let’s take a look at a petite pear example, G.E.M.

IT’S A NO// What makes it worse is the choice of reflective materials, it definitely highlight your flaws.


and it reminds me of cocktail sausages, so please no…

IT’S A YES//But same as Fan Bingbing, she looks fab in high waist wide-hemmed pants! Her upper body is actually quite fit and slim so she can definitely show it off by wearing tight tops and can pull off white colour!

IT’S A YES// And if you really really really want to wear metallic, pick a high waist skirt that’s slim & long, so it’ll outline your overall body shape.


CAN BE BETTER// Um…this outfit is not too bad but not very flattering. It looks like she works at a circus! I can imagine her holding on to fire rings… & don’t match it with a pair of black strap shoes, it just cuts your legs shorter. It’ll be better if her shoes were in lighter colours giving the illusion of longer legs.


IT’S A YES// Long slim gowns are the way to go! Maxi skirts with a sheer fabric are wonderful as well, you can kind of see the thighs but you can’t tell how thick they are haha


Fan Bingbing looks absolutely stunning in this Louis Vuitton Polka sheer dress. The only time you will see her in super short shorts is when there’s a long sheer over it. Trust me, I’ve looked everywhere online for a photo of her in shorts or super short skirts and I couldn’t find any.

PLEASE DON’T// Hm..and about this one I don’t know what to say, everything is wrong about it. Pear girls are already big at the lower half of the body so DO NOT PICK AN OUTFIT WITH WIDE SHOULDERS PLEASE! You will look like a bucket!


G.E.M has a slim upper body but for Gillian’s case her arms are a bit chubby as well, it’s not the best to wear sleeves outfits.


YES PLEASE// Slim tops are great to elongate your proportions, if your arms are thick pick something that can cover your arms, preferably tight sleeves if it’s loose like the floral dress make sure the material is soft and see-through, if the colour is solid it’ll just look like a big chunk and you don’t want that because your bust is wide already. Show off your waist, make sure it’s seen, that’s one of your best features, you can try putting on a belt to make the waistline appear more obvious.


Really, it doesn’t matter what size or height you are, it’s about the shape and balancing your proportions. Know your body shape and take that as a guideline for yourself. Don’t be afraid to experience and you’ll know what items you’ll need to avoid and what works to embrace your body shape.

haha lastly, how can we not think about Kim K when we talk about Pear shape bodies, she is the perfect example of a pear shape.

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