The Importance of Dressing Up, Even When You Are Working From Home

The Importance of Dressing Up, Even When You Are Working From Home

Working from home is becoming more and more inevitable for a lot of workers and companies due to the coronavirus pandemic. For so many employees, the new experience can be a little bit dreaded, just because it is so new.

The pros, of course, are apparent: a commute that consists of walking down a flight of stairs or the hallway, undeniable independence and freedom (in a way), and the highest possible flexibility. However, working from home presents one big question: Get dresses up or stay in your pajamas? 

Well, it is not an easy decision, because most people want to feel comfortable in their own home. However, if you spend all your time in your grey sweatpants, the distinction between Monday and Tuesday, or work and relaxing, is going to disappear. That is why changing up our clothing is absolutely necessary. 

Here is why you should dress up when you are working from home, especially when it is time for those (for some people, really dreaded) e-meetings.

Here are some reasons why you should dress up even if you’re working from home:

1.Sets a boundary for Ourselves

Do not forget that you are still at work, even when you work from home. That is why swiping your pajamas with your work clothes is going to maintain a professional attitude. Wearing your professional clothes is going to make you engage with our clients, line managers, or colleagues in more of a professional manner. In order to approach your work professionally, you should try to maintain a professional attitude towards work, and our clothes make the most difference in this respect. Dressing professionally is the easiest way to control your attitude towards work and your job.

2. Promotes Productivity

This might be the most crucial reason why you should dress professionally while you are working from home. Formal clothes promote a professional attitude towards the task at hand and force us into a mode of productivity. 

Being comfortable is nice, but comfort almost never ends in productivity, and productivity is one thing you need in the time of maintaining a work-from-home lifestyle. When you are working from home, but you still dress up like you are going to work, you are affirming to yourself a commitment to actually do the work.

3.Affects Your Mood

People around you judge you on how you choose to present yourself, physically, which includes what you wear, your hygiene, your makeup, your hairstyle… And you do it for other people as well. So if you judge people and people judge you, do you also judge yourself? You definitely do. 

It is pretty impressive how much our clothes can affect our mood and our self-esteem. You are very likely to start feeling frumpy if you spend your whole day in frumpy, old clothes. And that feeling can then translate into other areas of your life, your work included.

4.Leaves a Good Impression during the Meetings

Working from home is going to include some inevitable e-meetings, and those include video calls as well. In scenarios like these, you should try to present yourself in the best possible light. It will show your boss that you are still professional and serious, even while you are working from home, and it will raise the morale of your coworkers. 

5. shows a professional Boundary to Others

A lot of people do not have an opportunity of working from home without interruption, and a lot of people have to deal with child-care, health issues, or loud roommates/family members. If you are in a situation like this, you should utilize every weapon in your arsenal to keep interruption to a minimum.

Dressing professionally is going to set a visual distinction between us ‘at home’ and us ‘at work,’ and it is going to tell all of your interrupters that you are busy working.

Leave a good impression online. Kill those meetings.

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