What do Fashion stylists do?

What do Fashion stylists do?


A lot of my friends will always ask me what do I really do when I go on styling jobs and I usually just reply with “I just find clothes”. But really I can go into so much details! Here I’ve break down the typical type of stylists we have in fashion.

The Celebrity Stylist

The Celebrity Stylist, the one that may “sound” the most glamorous of all. Like the name, they style celebrities for their high profile gigs such as press conferences, red carpet events, TV shows and magazines, sometimes exiting the airport as well! They must maintain a good relationship with PRs and designers as clothes are usually borrowed. They may borrow many items before deciding to select few for that certain event. In return the ‘chosen’ outfit will receive publicity and sometimes celebrities can tag worn brands on their Instagram as well.


The Film & TV Wardrobe Stylist

Unlike Celebrity Stylists, Film & TV stylists are usually given a budget to buy clothing, props and accessories. It will be difficult to loan or borrow clothes as filming will take up from a few days to a year and the possibility to have them damage is heaps higher. Oh! And if they buy several of the exact outfit for a particular scene it might mean something BIG is going to happen, it might be a vomit, murderer, fight or explosion, you get the idea? Pretty sure it’s going to be quite a scene. Anyway, whether it is a music video, film or commercial, the stylist will be given a script of the ‘character’ and based on those characteristic they will need to fill in the blanks on how they can portray the look of this person.


Fashion Editorial Stylist

Editorial stylists create stylish images for magazine publications and overseeing the whole photo shoot’s theme. This type of styling involves more creativity along with foreseeing upcoming trends. Brands will love to borrow their items to magazine editorials because there’s: 1) publicity 2) credits 3) beautiful photos of their products. Editorial stylists are usually hired as an in-house stylist editor or by contract. Not only do they take care of the garments, they also arrange the props, locations and bookings with models, photographers etc.


Personal Stylist/Shopper

Giving advice on the latest fashion trends and suggesting outfits for individual clients. Some shops, usually department stores will offer in house personal stylists, such as Topshop, Zara, Lane Crawford and etc. They will analyse their client’s body shapes and preferences in order to create a unique look from head to toe.


But yes, no matter what type of fashion stylist we are, we still do the same thing and that is to find clothes and transform people!


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